Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All Great Things Come to an End and New Adventures Begin

Serving this mission will always be a choice memory for Richard and I. We witnessed many miracles, met wonderful saints, and felt the powerful spirit of missionary work. 

This was an opportunity to serve the Lord and be part of the hastening work of His Gospel. Our hearts are forever changed with a desire to bring all unto Christ. 

This blog has not addressed the many tender mercies and spiritual experiences due to their personal nature, however we are grateful for each and every one of them.

We are eternally grateful for our membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the opportunity to give service in the Lord’s vineyard.

We are continually blessed as we strive to follow our Savior and be instruments in the work assigned to us in this mortal life.

Our desire to serve a mission was a result of our prayers that we could learn more of sacrifice and consecration, and to have true charity for all Gods children. We will ever be learning these things throughout our lives. 

Our mission continues in whatever direction the Lord needs us. Amen

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Breakfast Reunion at the Beckstrands

We were invited to a breakfast reunion at the Beckstrands in Bountiful. They were our directors and are leaving on a mission to Africa. They hosted this as sort of a farewell. What fun to see so many of the sisters and the Beckstrands.

Linford and Mary Louise cooking up a fantastic breakfast.

Some of the sisters were before our time but it was nice to meet them.

Laura Weedman, Megan Beaudette, Hanna Pickett and Emily Brown

Shelby Orr, Kelsey Hamstead and Lucrecia Longshore in the back

The sisters!

Crazy picture with me and Mary Louise


We spoke in church and had a lunch after with some family, neighbors and friends. 

So happy to see a few of our co-missionaries, Daniel Rivera, Linford and Mary Louise
Beckstrand, Ray and Maryann Andrus, Michelle Leon, Lindsey Jeppson, and Shelby Orr.

My cousin Suzanne Holt Lee. Her and her husband Richard are serving a mission in SLC, doing family history.
 So great to reconnect! Face book is good for that.
Shelby Orr 

Angela, Michelle and Gracie, having a nice visit.

Elder and Sister Lee

Robert and Andrea

Mike was downstairs entertaining the kids.

Cassie Edwards

Isaiah and Adam having fun 

Gretchen and Max

Our awesome neighbors Al and June Harris, who had been watching over our house so carefully!
 We sure appreciate them.

These four made the trip up from school. We are so glad they did. 

We had a second wave and the Glenns came later. The food held out until the end.

The food was from Sonora and fabulous. Steve furnished the food, set up, and served. Dave, Leslie and Angela helped with the serving and etc. Angela did tons of cleanup and the others cleaned up the basement. I appreciate all my family so much. We were able to spend time with the guest and I did not get many pictures. Distracted. Thanks everyone for coming, helping and supporting us.
We loved the day of visiting. 

Traveling Home

Our friends the Nuzmans sent us a picture of what we were coming home to. SNOW! This is the back of our home. After many goodbyes, lots of scrubbing and packing we left Mesa January 1, 2015.

Our home prior to our return, melted by the time we got home.

Arizona was experiencing a cold front as we left. Thought I'd take a picture of snow on sagebrush.

As we drove along, we saw real mountains! We stopped in St George overnight and it
was unusually cold. I think we were being prepared to be home in Utah after 18 months in Arizona with its
mild weather.

Our car was packed to the top! 

Richard gave his lonely car a hug!

As we entered the house, we found wonderful signs made by
Angela and the grandkids, throughout the house, what a fun surprise!

Even in the bathtub.

Unloaded, very similar to the picture I took as we left for our mission .

A great reunion at Sonora Grill. We had been craving their food for so long! Also got hugs, kisses, and a lot of catching up. Mike was out of town and Emily was recovering from surgery.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lots of Lasts

We had a wonderful farewell lunch with President Kirk Jenkins and his wife Sister Judy Jenkins. It was special to be invited and a wonderful lunch. It has been a pleasure to work with the Jenkins. They are spiritual giants and motivated all missionaries to be consecrated and follow the Savior and bring other unto Him.

President Jenkins carving the ham

This small group were leaving mid transfer.

We were invited to a brunch hosted by Helen Christensen. She loves missionaries and is so gracious and kind. She invited a few neighbors.

Helen prepared a wonderful brunch! 
Elder and Sister Cameron came

The Guinns,  Sister Smith, and Helen

Last Night of Christmas Lights with these great sisters

Had to have a crazy picture too!

Hermanas Taboada and Stringfellow for one last picture!

Elder Ballard straightening the Book of Mormons, last shift.

Worked our last shift in the VC with these awesome sisters!

Hermana Greene and Guevara, saying goodbye, and showing the new poster for Meet the Mormons!

Current training leaders, Sisters/Hermanas Alcocer, Rios, Tingey and Castillo, doing a wonderful job!

We had a last minute visit from these great returned missionaries, Corbin Kavanaugh, Laura Weedman, Ani Avanesjan, Alexis Smith and Gus Krzycki. What a treat to get to see them all again. The Camerons invited us for a dinner. It was Hawaiian haystacks. We had been cleaning very hard all day so that was nice to get invited to dinner and celebrate our last holiday in Mesa. We went home and I scrubbed the floors. We left the next morning.